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2021’s Mortal Kombat Movie To Be Available In Theaters & On HBO Max Next Year

Posted on December 4, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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As we are well acquainted, the COVID-19 epidemic is still very much present and signs of the ailment being disposed of looks to be months away unfortunately. But while issues like social gatherings and public hubs are limited to low percent occupancy, businesses are facing heavy blows to capital gain as the executive orders set in place are continuing to take a toll on entrepreneurs and other establishments. One for sure is the film industry.

While productions are continuing as studios follow guidelines to keep films afloat, the movie theaters are another story. For majority of 2020, most movie theaters remained closed and only some states within the United States ruled that business can reopen with limited capacity. And while it is undetermined what is to come for firms like Regal and AMC in the coming months, film distribution companies are looking to online.

In that, Warner Bros. announced that more than a dozen productions under the parent company WarnerMedia will be releasing on HBO Max throughout the course of 2021 alongside theatrical releases. Those films include Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla Vs. Kong, Matrix 4, and the highly-anticipated Mortal Kombat just to name a few.

We’re living in unprecedented times which call for creative solutions, including this new initiative for the Warner Bros. Pictures Group. No one wants films back on the big screen more than we do. We know new content is the lifeblood of theatrical exhibition, but we have to balance this with the reality that most theaters in the U.S. will likely operate at reduced capacity throughout 2021.

Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia CEO

According to Variety, the publication presumes that the decision to offer the films on the streaming platform is to counteract against The Walt Disney Company and Disney Plus which has also offered the same initative for its released productions this year. Sarnoff continued, “with this unique one-year plan, we can support our partners in exhibition with a steady pipeline of world-class films, while also giving moviegoers who may not have access to theaters or aren’t quite ready to go back to the movies the chance to see our amazing 2021 films.

“We see it as a win-win for film lovers and exhibitors, and we’re extremely grateful to our filmmaking partners for working with us on this innovative response to these circumstances.” For details on the coming Mortal Kombat film, information first broke out back in July 2019 unveiling the video game series film adaptation to adopt a R-rating with fatalities to be a key component for the production.

In August the following month, The Hollywood Reporter issued the official casting for the film. In that, it revealed Joe Taslim, Ludi Lin, Mehcad Brooks, and Sisi Stringer to be casted in the motion picture. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to watch these coming films at home or at the theater?

Source: Variety

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