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Amid Massive Layoffs, Amazon Also Cancels Unannounced Title

As the industry was dazed from this year’s E3 held in Los Angeles from Keanu Reeves’ presence at Microsoft press conference and Nintendo finally revealing some information on the upcoming Animal Crossing title, however, at Amazon it was a complete 180 for some. Dozens of developers at Amazon Game Studios were laid off as reported by Kotaku.

In the report, the source within Amazon shares that the choice to layoff staff in an attempt to reorganize the teams currently working on both Crucible and New World online titles. Despite the saddening news, Amazon did provide those affected with a 60 day grace period to find new work within the company as well as severance packages.

However, on how many employees were let go as part of the initiative to restructure the development teams on the two titles, Amazon did not release the specific number of employees affected from the decision.

Now in a more recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the outlet shares that despite the decision to layoff an unknown amount of employees for the internal developer, Amazon has now pulled the plug on one title that has yet to even receive a proper announcement. The reasoning for the cancelation however, is primarily due to Amazon’s Lumberyard engine which all games from the studio are required to use.

They’re still ironing out the kinks of what it means to own and maintain your own engine.

Employees who work with the engine share that Lumberyard is difficult to use mainly when working with online-centric titles as like the now canned game. This obstacle led Amazon Game Studios to look towards other company’s engines for their titles to utilize as an alternative for the still developed titles.

This is a similar problem that developers at Bioware faced when forced to work with the Frostbite engine for Anthem. Seeing how some engines despite the outcome in graphical performance does leave bug-ridden games which either makes the title a hassle to enjoy or simply just unplayable for many.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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