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Anthem Closed Alpha Comes Later This Week

The highly anticipated sci-fi title Anthem from Mass Effect developer BioWare has it’s release date just around the corner in 2019; with the game holding an heavy online presence, fans are hoping the studio will be prepared for the influx of players on the game’s servers once the game launches. BioWare has recently revealed that the first playtest for the upcoming game will be going live later this week.

The closed alpha is available now for those who are interested to participate, which you can sign up by clicking here. It should be noted that there will be an overflow of sign ups for the alpha and your chances of being chosen might be slim. Those who don’t get accepted will be placed on a waiting list in hope to be accepted before the alpha closes down. Each platform will be getting their own playtest that will be active on December 8th & December 9th.

It’s also suggested that players on either Microsoft or Sony’s platforms should own an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription to access the closed beta.

Among talk about the approaching action RPG, it was recently discovered that the game might receive cross-play support for the February released title after the game launches.

Anthem is available on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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