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Anthem Is Bricking PlayStation 4’s, EA Is Working On A Solution

Since Anthem has launched late last month, players have been faced with dozens of problems that are making the game almost too easy to joke about the game’s flaws. Varying from bugs affecting the game’s main looting mechanic to players playing the game’s story campaign being transported to the end game mission unprepared with insufficient builds, there’s plenty to look at.

One of the most evident problems that the game is still being affected by even after the game’s Day One patch is the game crashes, resulting with returning the player to their platform dashboard and losing progress made prior to the game unable to stay open.

This past weekend on the game’s subredit, many users have been reporting that PlayStation 4 version of the sci-fi title is making their consoles unusable and unable to turn back on. The EA Help Twitter has recognized the problem and addressed the issue on Monday.

Reading some of the reports on r/Anthem, some say that the issue is due to the game overheating the console and as a failsafe shuts off. Assuming that the hardware will turn back on after it cools down, but as of yet no one has reported this being the case. Others have reported on the subreddit that Xbox One users have faced a similar issue where it will shock the power brick for the older models and are required to buy a new one.

Nonetheless, this issue is unfortunate for those affected by it and EA is currently working to resolve the problem at hand. For those who have already crashed their client on Sony’s platform, it’s suggested waiting until an update drops to squash this bug.

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Anthem is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: r/Anthem

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