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Anthem Takes Priority Over Other BioWare Titles

Since the announcement of Anthem back in 2017, BioWare’s newest title looked promising and something that would grab those who remember Mass Effect: Andromeda. A game that would regain trust from those who looked up to the developer. And following the game’s delay into 2019 gives the studio more time to polish, and put more effort into their project.
According to a recent interview over at Game Informer, BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson told the outlet that Anthem will be the studio’s primary focus. For when the game launches and with post-launch content and maintenance. For those hoping the developer working on other titles like Dragon Age or Star Wars will be disappointed. As Casey has stated that there are smaller teams working on upcoming projects.
Such as drawing up the next title for Dragon Age and support for The Old Republic. For the studio to be working on another project would need to put Anthem on halt as the majority of the team is needed to focus on the project, especially if it was for Star Wars.

For what is to be coming next from the studio is unknown, we do know it isn’t Star Wars. Mentioned in the interview that both Mass Effect and Dragon Age were referred as his “baby”. The likeliness that we see anything for The Old Republic 3 isn’t in the near future. With the amount of resources put into Anthem, it will be sometime after that along with whatever other projects the developer has planned after.
Anthem will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on February 22, 2019.
Source: Game Informer

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