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Battlefield V Battle Royale Firestorm Could Be Arriving Soon

It has been sometime since developer DICE spoke about Battlefield V’s upcoming battle royale mode ‘Firestorm’. Following the reveal that the title will be launching ahead of Firestorm and those who look forward to dropping with their squad in the World War II title will have to be patient until the mode is ready to be shared.

With the mode speculated to release sometime in late March or April, fans would have to wait months until official word from either DICE or Electronic Arts on when the Firestorm is prepared to go live. According to one user on Reddit, they have the upcoming battle royale listed on the game’s dashboard as a daily mission.

This occurrence lead to other players to look into the game’s code for what else might be under the hood if this already slipped up for user firexstudio. Even discovering a tutorial trailer for the new mode laying out what Firestorm offers once dropping onto the battlefield.

Seemingly, it looks that DICE is possibly just a few steps away from dropping the entire battle royale pretty soon, especially after seeing the video portraying the mode including weapons, vehicles, features, and more. But how will Firestorm handle entering this genre since the mode’s initial announcement?

Now with Apex Legends starting to overtake the platform that Fortnite built within the past year, it looks that there’s more to worry about than prior. Especially as Apex is also an EA title, this will be one interesting man versus self conflict if happening to conflict with one another. What do you think about EA dropping two battle royales just months, or a month, apart from each other?

Battlefield V is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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