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Battlefield V Combined Arms Co-Op Mode Drops Next Week

In a sudden reveal from DICE, it was revealed that Battlefield V will be receiving an new game mode to the WWII-set first-person shooter. Combined Arms introduces an co-op experience up to four players with different missions to take on when deployed.

The four maps revealed to play the new Combined Arms gametype are: Bricks, Desert Declarations, Market Sweep, and Mortars.

Initially, the upcoming multiplayer mode was originally supposed to release with the base title back in November of last year, but obstacles were met when the game was approaching its time to ship and ultimately was pulled from the title prior to releasing.

Currently Battlefield V holds in an awkward position as fans still find the game to be lacking content that should already be live on the latest installment of the series and main combat mechanics like time-to-kill & time-to-die still need workarounds to be fully enjoyed. Previously it was said that the upcoming Lightning Strikes update for the game’s Tides of War would resolve some problems revolving around the current issues.

Battlefield V is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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