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Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Launches March 25th

It’s been known since release that Battlefield V was going to receive its own battle royale mode, Firestorm. The mode will be making its way to the World War 2 shooter on March 25th which was announced recently by EA. Not too long ago a leaked video revealed that there will be solo, duos, and squad modes in this 64 player battle royale where the map slowly is burning down with fire. One of the things in Firestorm that you don’t see in Apex Legends is vehicles, so you’ll be able to travel through the map faster.


This will be the second battle royale title that EA now has with Apex Legends launching last month and off to a hot start as it continues to grow in its second month. It’s hard to say how well Firestorm will do as it’s not free like Fortnite or Apex. Only time will tell once it’s released on March 25th.


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