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BioWare Announces Future Fixes For Anthem

Following the recent news that BioWare will be dropping a Day One Patch for Anthem that is said to fix an abundance of problems for the highly anticipated title, the studio has recently outlined what’s next in line for upcoming patches/fixes.

For problems that have been reported to the developer, here is what has been currently addressed from the development team:

  • Fixed non-stop rain from occurring.
  • Corrected Fusion Proc Bonuses from applying to unequipped weapons.
  • Players are now able to properly save their emotes.
  • Daily/Weekly challenges now display the correct amount of coin rewarded.
  • Reworked chests to counteract bug which dropped unnecessarily high loot.
  • Extended matchmaking timer to give more of a chance for groups to populate.
  • Fixed issue where players with active shields being killed easily.

Bioware has made it clear that there are some problems too big for a live patch and will require a client download to resolve the evident nuisance. Some of the problems mentioned list from HDR support to game crashing issues and even the final boss for the Heart of Rage stronghold unable to spawn.

If you’re unsure about Anthem from the problems active in the game, check out our review on the game here.

Anthem is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: r/Anthem

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