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BioWare Will “Continue To Be Committed” Towards Fixing Current Problems In Anthem

It’s already well-known about the problems that countless players are currently met with when playing BioWare’s latest title, Anthem. And the developer is aware of the continuous issues faced as their title reaches its first month since officially releasing and explains that the studio will continue to pursue fixing the recurring problems in the game.

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson released a letter on the studio’s blog discussing how these issues went under the radar during the game’s quality assurance phase and surfaced once out in the open.

We launched a game that so many of you tell us is really fun at its core, but we also had a degree of issues that did not reveal themselves until we were operating at the scale of millions of players.

Among the obstacles that currently sits in the game, BioWare has already released more than “200 improvements through patches and live updates” and the developer is still eager to bring more solutions to the game throughout the course of 2019 as the game transitions into a live service title.

Regardless of the ongoing criticisms the game receives every day from the problems that players are discovering, BioWare is committed to undo the damage from the game’s launch and meet player expectations that were initially promised prior to the game’s launch. “We hear the criticisms and doubts.  But we’ll keep going anyway, working hard every day on Anthem – an ever-changing world, constantly improving and growing, and supported well into the future by our team of passionate developers.”

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Anthem is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: BioWare Blog

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