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Anthem Developer Lays Out Game Expectations For Next Three Months

BioWare following the recent reveal of what the studio plans to achieve with future fixes for their recently released title Anthem has also revealed what the developer have for expectations as the game progresses later into 2019. In the new blog post ‘Our Live Service Begins’, BioWare Head of Live Service Chad Robertson lists how the studio plans what direction to take the game.

I look at today from two perspectives. As a gamer, I’m excited by what we’ve created with Anthem and the promise it carries for a long future behind the game’s lush world, immersive lore, rich characters, and core gameplay. As a developer, I know we’ve worked hard to strike a balance of engaging BioWare story combined with fun action-gameplay and multi-player progression; I also know how much more we want to bring to the game.

Robertson follows up by stating that the game’s release is where BioWare is “just getting started” with fulfilling their commitment to bringing the game’s initial vision to reality following the game’s end game. And supplying with the full 90-day game roadmap for the game which you an check out by going here.

As of right now for the game’s current status, Anthem currently homes an influx of bugs and problems that are turning many players away, even after the game’s Day One patch that were said to resolve some reoccurring issues like long load times and potential game crashes.

For our take on BioWare’s new title, check out our full review on Anthem.

Anthem is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: BioWare

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