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Death Stranding Leaked For November Ahead of Game’s Livestream

It was announced back on Monday that Hideo Kojima will show off more of his upcoming title Death Stranding via livestream on Twitch. Since then, the stream went live and some glimpses of the game have abruptly appeared, fueling the hype train as fans are glued to the screen for the probable new trailer that will come to showcase the game’s story.

Now just yesterday, the alleged release date for the highly anticipated title was leaked from Italian Journalist Antonio Fucito through Twitter, detailing that the title will be coming on November 8th later this Fall.

Fucito in the past have accurately disclosed information for upcoming titles which gives a good foundation for the Kojima’s first self-published title to be available almost half a year from now.

But if his words are not enough, a post from the PlayStation Taiwan Facebook page also suggests that Death Stranding will drop the same time the Fucito provided on Twitter yesterday. Since the post slipped into the public eye, it has now been deleted.

Image provided from @NanoGuidingStar

Seeing that more information backs Death Stranding’s launch date to be just five months as of writing this, it is worth mentioning that this does not conflict with the title’s chances of still being a cross-gen title for PlayStation’s platform. Though the game is allegedly aimed nearly a year before we should expect the next PlayStation to launch, that does not cross out Kojima’s title for next gen entirely.

For the full showcase that will be taking place later today, it’s is left a mystery when exactly the new detail will be revealed, but looking from the progress that continues to unravel from the hints on PlayStation’s Twitch we should be expecting the official start in just a few hours.

Death Stranding is currently listed for PlayStation 4.


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