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New Details For Death Stranding Teased For This Wednesday

The discussion for Hideo Kojima’s first title after his departure from Konami continues to roll into the public eye as official word from the studio’s official Twitter that more information will be dealt in just a few days which could reveal a new trailer or potentially some detail on when fans can play the highly anticipated title.

Just over a month ago, it was shared by Kojima himself at the Tribeca Film Festival alongside him with Game Awards host Geoff Keighley and Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus that more on the new game will surface in the coming month, meaning May. And it seems that Kojima is keeping to his word as can be told from the new tweet.

Already on the topic of the new yet vague title from the Metal Gear & Silent Hill creator, this could be the window for some context on what exactly Death Stranding is all about as countless users have been vocal to not truly grabbing the concept of the game. Especially as seeing the phrase from the post, “Create the rope,” this parallels with his statement on the game from last month’s event for how the player will experience connection and disconnection throughout the game’s story campaign.

Potentially implying to showcase how the world of the forthcoming title came to be, which could help give fans a better grasp at the game’s plot.

What are your thoughts on what the plot for Death Stranding could be?

Death Stranding is currently listed for PlayStation 4 with no set release date.


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