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Deep Silver Confirms Dead Island 2, Saints Row, Metro, And TimeSplitters Won’t Be At Summer Game Fest/E3 2021

Posted on June 4, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Recently, THQ Nordic subsidiary Koch Media announced to be collaborating with Summer Game Fest to present a new announcement from the publishing conglomerate. However, the only tease to the reveal is a link for that redirects you to a webpage that runs a Twitch stream that is expected to make the announcement later this month.

However, it was anticipated that Koch Media would use this window to showcase a new title from Deep Silver’s growing repertoire. Among the bevy, namely franchise many are eager to see return includes Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island, and TimeSpiltters: all that Rectify Gaming even entertained to potentially be featured in the coming days.

But, publisher Deep Silver went to acknowledge the heat from the flame and on Twitter extinguished any stoking before it grew out of proportion.

While upsetting, it sure is not the first instance that respected firms denounced any hype surrounding a game prior to an event going live. Back in 2019 following the initial report of the next Saints Row game entering development, game studio Volition announced it will not be present at that year’s Gamescom with the aforementioned title.

But, that does not completely wipe away all of our speculation. While 4A Games’ Metro is told to be absent, the developer could still be present. While the multiplayer project is said to be in works with Saber Interactive to work on the title, 4A Games also disclosed ambitions to make a new IP altogether. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think could be revealed by Koch Media if not Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island, and TimeSpiltters?

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