Development For Elden Ring Reports Multiple Delays Were Made Which Answers For No New Details

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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What now appears to be an ongoing development now is the headway of new information in regards to FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. The game while officially in development has face a dormant source of updates in regards to the progress of the project alongside an estimated release window. Not to mention which platforms the game is supported on, there is no direct footing for the direction for the game.

Most recently, it was officially deconfirmed that Microsoft is to feature a new trailer for the 2019-announced title. Claims surfaced suggesting the Xbox company will host an in-house showcase later in March and Elden Ring will headline the presentation. But, Xbox General Manager Aaron Greenberg issued the rumors to be untrue.

While that is put to rest, a new report from Video Game Chronicles tells that there is more to Elden Ring’s absence in the spotlight. In that, FromSoftware administered “several” delays for internal development on Elden Ring. Sources familiar with the project relays to Video Game Chronicles that the remote development is the reason for Elden Ring’s long-awaited arrival.

Despite little information surfacing through prominent means, users online are beginning to share new footage of the game which illustrates a large upgrade from what was presented at E3 2019.

Among the scatter pieces of footage for Elden Ring unearthing recently, it is also indicated that the title is most likely not making the cut for a 2021 release. Continuing from the discussion with its sources, Video Game Chronicles informs that the number of delays deem a very unlikely chance Elden Ring is arriving this year.

One reassuring note from all of the chatter is the possibility of a trailer arriving fairly soon. Bloomberg Tech’s Jason Schreier did notify recently new information is on the horizon. And with the leaked videos appearing now, that only fuels a likely possibility for that to actually occur.

Are you hoping to see Elden Ring arrive this year?

Elden Ring is listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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