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E3 2019: Arcane Lyon Announces Deathloop

Following last year’s reveal from Dishonored developer Arcane Studios with Mooncrash for the studio’s 2017 survival thriller, Prey, the question was left for what exactly the studio has been working on the past year. Aw it was already revealed that the team at Arcane did help with the level design for MachineGames’ upcoming side story Wolfenstein: Youngblood, that still doesn’t really answer what is next from the French developer.

At this most recent Bethesda Showcase, Arcane’s Game Director Dinga Bakaba and Art Director Sébastien Mitton revealed that the studio’s next title is a time-repeating, action-adventure title named Deathloop.

Set on the “lawless” island of Blackreef between a feud of two assassins, you must explore and understand the cycle the two are trapped in as you attempt to escape the never-ending loop. The main basis that was deprived from the trailer inplies that dying will be a common place as you continue to play the game.

Further than the reveal cinematic trailer, there is no other information regarding the title and no real gameplay was presented at the press conference.

Deathloop has no set release date with no listed platforms.

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