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E3 2019: Rebellion Announces Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Coming in Early 2020

The week prior to this year’s E3, British publisher/developer Rebellion announced that the developer will be showcasing Evil Genius 2, Sniper Elite VR, and a new, unannounced title at the then-coming PC Gaming Show. Now the press conference has arrived and the studio revealed that the unnamed title is the fourth installment in the Nazi zombie killing title, Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Though the title isn’t exactly the next Sniper Elite installment as we that we were expecting, we are instead greeted with a more open co-op experience that expands on the traditional sniper class in the main franchise and still kill the same Nazis, posed as the living dead this time around. The new title is said to span across the country of Italy with more “beyond” shared to be posed for the game’s setting.

The notorious x-ray kill cam will be present among upgradable skills, customizable classes, and traps with new electric-heavy upgrades. Rebellion also revealed alike other titles that were revealed at the press conference that Dead War will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store.

Are you excited to delve back into the twisted spin-off of the Zombie Army series?

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be available in early 2020 for Xbox One , PlayStation 4, and PC through the Epic Games Store for the PC version.

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