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E3 2019: Year One Episodes For The Division 2 Detailed

Shortly after the launch of March’s The Division 2 from Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft laid out the first year of content that will be dropping into the post-apocalyptic District Columbia throughout the course of 2019. With Tidal Basin and later the release of the first raid for the game, Operation Dark Hours, this now leads to the three episodes that are planned to release in the coming weeks.

Detailing that the first episode titled ‘D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions’ will take agents outside the nation’s capital with three new missions this July. The first bringing players to a presidential compound in the nearby woodlands outside of the nation’s capital to relieve a wrongdoing trader.

Following with the next expedition taking place in the national zoo; giving players the objective to eliminate the remaining outcast leader. Lastly bringing players to the city’s Kenly College in search for a military convoy that went off the grid.

Moving on to Episode Two, agents are given the objective to “secure what lies behind the wall of this last castle,” as Black Tusk operatives overtake the Pentagon. Paired with the episode is the announcement for the second raid that will be coming later in the Fall; no details on where the raid will be taking place were shared.

Leasing to Episode Three where agents will be left to “engage in a manhunt” to search for the man that plans to keep humanity from bouncing back from what plagued the United States. Only showcasing a cinematic trailer that looks to take players to the Jersey Shore just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

If you have yet to get down time with The Division 2, I suggest you read up on our review for the game here.

The Division 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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