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Epic Games Thursday (8/6/20)

Epic Games Thursday (8/6/20)

Posted on August 6, 2020 by Sergio

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Another week, another Epic Games Thursday. This week has a theme of games involving work. With the coronavirus dominating our lives and headlines, it seems like Epic Games is trying to give some us humor at a time when we took our jobs for granted. Here are the two games that are out for free for this week only:

  • 3 out of 10 Episode 1: “Welcome to Shovelworks”.  This game is a satirical take on game development featuring “the world’s worst game developer”: Shovelworks. It’s part animated show, part game, which there are mini-games based on the story. For example, you play nerf-gun style shooting with your coworkers. The object of the entire game is to create a game that will score a 3 with the critics. Since it’s an episodic game, like The Wolf Among Us, it will release new episodes (out of 5) each week for free (given that you’ve picked up this game). It makes no mention on the regular price.

  • Wilmot’s Warehouse. This is a puzzle game on organizing your warehouse. You can organize your items anyway you like, such as by color, type, Dewey Decimal System, etc., that is entirely up to you. However, when the shipments start leaving, you need to remember where you placed the items so you can send them off quickly. Your score will be based on time. It also features a 2-player co-op, so you’ll need an additional gamepad if you desire to play with another person. Regular price is $14.99.

If you’re strapped for cash and want to try out new games, 3 out of 10 and Wilmot’s Warehouse could satisfy your gaming needs if you’re curious. Since the games are free anyway, why not pick them up and give them the old college try?

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