Facebook Announces Acquisition Of Sanzaru Games For Oculus’ First-Party Studios

Posted on March 5, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Regarding the virtual reality realm of gaming, Oculus has taken the initiative to broaden the company’s first-party line up as we have seen with the acquisition of Beat Saber’s Beat Games in late 2019. Now as we just inched into March this week, Oculus parent company Facebook announced that yet another developer will be joining the in-house network of studios.

Revealing that the social media firm has acquired American studio Sanzaru Games. The Californian developer has worked with titles on the Oculus platform before with releases like VR Sports Challenge, Marvel Powers United VR, and the most recent Asgard’s Wrath. Here is the statement Oculus Director of Content Mike Verdu made on the news of the acquisition:

“Sanzaru is a veteran game developer—having shipped titles to multiple platforms in the past—as well as a VR pioneer,” Verdu tells of the studio’s repertoire for virtual reality. “As part of Oculus Studios and supported by our latest advancements in VR technology, Sanzaru will continue to make amazing VR game experiences for gamers around the world as an independently-operated studio.”

Aside from the team’s involvement with the headset-bound peripheral, Sanzaru Games has also worked on a slew of projects residing on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s platform. Titles like Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time and God of War Collection to name a couple. What makes tings more interesting is that not entirely all of the team’s staff will be migrating to work for Oculus.

According to the Q&A segment of the blog post, Verdu states that “the vast majority of Sanzaru will be joining the Oculus Studios team,” but leaving room to speculate that the remaining employees are to continue working on a project well under way. While this is simply conjecture for possibilities, it was not clarified why the entire staff at the developer will be working under Oculus.

Verdu then goes on to reiterate that the team will be developing new experiences for Oculus off the success of Asgard’s Wrath. But on further note hesitates to mention what the new project might be or if its related to the 2019 release. Furthermore, Verdu tells that this is just some of the many announcements that Oculus will be making throughout 2020.

Which other developer do you think would work well under Oculus?

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