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Fight Or Fright Event For Apex Legends Brings King’s Canyon Night And Limited Time Shadowfall Mode

Developer Respawn Entertainment just unleashed Season 3 for Apex Legends not even two weeks ago debuting the latest map, World’s Edge: and the team is already set to reveal more for the battle royale as yet a new event has been announced in spirit for the Halloween season. Revealing to players to expect the Fight or Fright Collection Event for next week.

The event is said to bring a bevy of decorative cosmetics for the month long timed session and reintroduce a familiar region with a new look. Respawn shared that the original map King’s Canyon will be returning for the new event this time using a night makeover to give a different perspective of the map. While proper images have not been presented, Reddit poster saxonn_88 has already done so for the game back in March, which you can view here.

Looking that Apex Legends has influenced other games of the same genre to adopt features the game has debuted, night iterations of maps is an implementation that other games have already introduced that Respawn has picked up for their game from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and even Call of Duty.

Apex Legends-Originated Auto-Equip Feature Added To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

As per every event the studio has hosted for Apex Legends, this event’s timed game mode is called Shadowfall. This game type is yet another solo experience, hosting 35 players in the dark engulfed King’s Canyon as players fight their way to Champion status. However, when players die, they will resurrect as a zombified version of their legend and ranked onto the “Shadow Squad” to take down the surviving players.

Similar to the Infection game mode on Halo, players will not have the ability to use weapons nor their respected legend abilities once being transformed into a reanimated corpse. But you will instead be given a heavy hand to deal on intense amount of damage when you melee an enemy alongside an increase and movement and higher jump verticals.

This approaching Fight or Fright Collection Event kicks off on October 15th and lasts until November 5th next month. There will also be a double XP timeframe on the second to last weekend for players who place in the top five which is scheduled between ctober 25 to October 28.

Apex Legends is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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