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Final Fantasy XIV Online Open Beta Arrives To Xbox Series X|S On February 21st

Posted on February 5, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Although the relationship was seen as less than cordial between Xbox & Square Enix, this was to change with as of summer 2023. Upon the reveal of its next expansion coming the year following with ‘Dawntrail’, it also revealed that Xbox is also on the table moving forward for Final Fantasy XIV Online. After years of players praying, they finally got an answer.

Additionally, there is more planned to come to Xbox from Square Enix. This includes Visions of Mana, Octopath Traveller II, and even reports for Final Fantasy XVI also being on the table now too. However, Final Fantasy XIV Online still needs to make its debut on the Microsoft console. And it is to kick things off later this month with an open beta.

Via ‘The Lodestone’ blog, Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy XIV Online open beta will take place starting on February 21st. Players can simply do so by searching the game on the Xbox Store and installing the “Free Trial” available from the listing. However, Xbox Game Pass Core/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be required to play

“The Free Trial version, including the open beta test, will not require an Xbox Game Pass (Core or Ultimate) plan to play. However, the full Xbox Series X|S version will require an Xbox Game Pass (Core or Ultimate) plan to play.” This drastically going against what is already on PlayStation as it is not a requirement. To make things worse, Microsoft has already pushed an initiative for online games to be exempt from this practice, but Final Fantasy XIV Online still needs it.

“The open beta test will only be available to new players who will be playing FINAL FANTASY XIV for the first time. Take this opportunity to invite your Xbox-owning friends who have never experienced the ever-expanding world of FINAL FANTASY XIV and adventure together!” Square Enix writes for the announcement.

“We are planning to launch the Xbox Series X|S version immediately following the conclusion of the open beta test, the date of which will be determined after thorough reviews. FINAL FANTASY XIV game data will be transferred, and you will not need to redownload the game to play. The timing of the data transfer and official release for the Xbox Series X|S will be announced at a later date.”

Are you excited for Final Fantasy XIV Online coming to Xbox?

Source: Square Enix

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