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First Trailer For The Upcoming Doom Movie Dropped Today

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Doom as a videogame series stand pretty tall in the industry as one of the most revolutionary titles that became the foundation for first-person shooters. But as a film, it isn’t discussed as highly following the 2005 adaptation staring Dwayne Johnson. But that didn’t stop Director Tony Giglio from taking the task into his own hands with a direct-to-video film that surfaced back in April.

Now the first trailer of the upcoming film has emerged and it looks as much as you would expect for a film dodging the big screen for a straight-to-DVD movie.

The film rather than giving the Doom Marine the spotlight as the movie’s protagonist, instead hosts Amy Manson as the star for the upcoming motion picture. With the ’05 at least giving the movie some flair with The Rock as the main character, Annihilation comes off less desirable with no real iconic protagonist.

Back in September, Giglio revealed to fans on Twitter that the iconic Spiderdemon won’t be making it into the approaching film. But he did share that the demonic abomination isn’t completely out the window as he might plan to bring the creature into the following sequel.

Currently, there’s no specific date for when the movie will official drop. But the trailer does give a time frame of “coming soon” which could be as early as this year.

In anticipation for Bethesda’s awaited sequel, Doom Eternal, this movie could be a good distraction in meantime for those eager to kill more demons. Read up on our review on Bid Software’s Doom here.

Source: GameSpot

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