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Gamescom 2019: Suda 51 Shares Information On Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, And No More Heroes

Developer Grasshopper Manufacturer as we currently know is that the team is working on the upcoming third installment for the No More Heroes franchise which is scheduled to release at an unspecified time next year in 2020. However, studio head Goichi Suda has also shared the possibility of seeing more of the series with potential remasters in the coming future as Suda 51 explained if the discussion with developer Marvelous Studios goes according to plan.

But that is not the end of the developer’s plans according to Suda’s recent panel he hosted at Gamescom this week. According to Twitter user @GeekVoll91 who attended the panel, Suda shares a bevy of potential new projects that might already be in development or soon to be. For starters, he disclosed that the current No More Heroes III is already well into 50% finished in the development process atop of his hopes to “beat” Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series and extend the series to 16 installments.

Other meaty details that Suda 51 told the audience during the panel revealed that 2012’s Lollipop Chainsaw could se a return in the coming future. Which is exciting seeing that the game could expand with a sequel if the team works out the kinks of the limited gameplay that hurt the game’s initial reception.

Suda also brushed upon Killer7 for a segment of the panel, after being swarmed with questions on about the 2005 title, he teases that “theres a perfect edition n the future,” the Twitter user conveys. In addition revealing a new installment, Suda then describes that there is an entire origin story for the game already sitting on his computer which implies to be the basis for the unannounced title.

Suda in the panel also verified that him as well as other developers pay attention to those who tweet about upcoming titles from the Japanese studio. Previously, the studio head shared that fan response will play a major role in the development for next year’s No More Heroes installment. Although not entirely, it will be a primary mechanism towards bettering the experience.

Grasshopper Manufacturer’s No More Heroes III is listed to release next year for Nintendo Switch.


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