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Gears of War creator thinks the series needs a “God of War-like reboot”

Posted on November 1, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Cliff Bleszinksi was interviewed with ComicBook recently talking about the Gears of War franchise and mentioned he thinks Zack Snyder would be a “great fit” for a movie adaptation. The interview with the outlet went further into what he thinks should happen with the game next.

The creator of the Gears of War franchise said he believes Gears of War needs a little bit of a reboot similar to what God of War had recently.

“I believe Gears needs a little bit of a reboot, like God of War had, and I’ve always said, Phil Spencer has my number, I’m happy to consult. Gears will always be near and dear to my heart.”

Sadly in Cliff Bleszinksi’s case, he is not in control of the series anymore since he left the Gears of War franchise in 2012. The Coalition has been busy working on a new project as of late and rumors swirled of it being Gears of War 6 and it would be open world.

After Cliffy B left Gears of War he went on to create LawBreakers which eventually shut down and Radical Heights which was short-lived. We’d love to see the mastermind come back into the gaming space.

Source: ComicBook via Pure Xbox

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