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God Of War Director Shares Interest In Porting Game To PC

Last week blew fans out of the water as Kojima Productions announced that this week’s approaching release for Death Stranding will not only be available on PlayStation 4, but will also be arriving on PC sometime next year in 2020. This being an uncommon announcement for a Sony interactive Entertainment, the chances of seeing a first-party published title break outside of the PlayStation ecosystem is unheard of.

Regardless, fans could only hope that other favorite titles would also migrate to keyboard & mouse for the off chance it could happen in the future. According to a responding tweet from God of War Director Cory Barlog, he actually wishes that the 2018 title would come to PC, but unfortunately is not his call he shares.

However, it isn’t as easily a hitting a switch to bring exclusive titles to PC. Either there being a supported initiative that allows first-party projects to be available on both platforms, like for Microsoft with Xbox; or there being an contractual agreement settled ahead of the game that gives the property more flexibility to hit PC also, like with Death Stranding. Who knows, maybe Hideo Kojima’s title might start a new trend under Sony leading into the next generation?

Discussing the topic of PC games originated from the PlayStation platform, it questions that if this were to be pursued, would said games then be available on Steam or elsewhere? If Sony Interactive Entertainment were to do so later down the line, the company could create their own launcher or platform specifically for PC if agreeing for more games to come in the future.

What PlayStation games do you think would work well on PC?

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God of War is out now for PlayStation 4.


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