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Gucci Already Sold Out Of Its $10,000 Xbox Series X Bundles

While the recent Xbox Anniversary took place back on Monday, news regarding the platform swelled immensely since. For starters, the most-anticipated Halo yet, Halo Infinite, launched an open beta for its multiplayer mode and is playable as of writing. However, more for Xbox came following the announcements.

Additionally, Xbox received Cloud Streaming this week which allows users to instantly jump into games without sucking up your remaining hard drive space. Atop of that, Xbox One users can play next-generation exclusives. That lineup currently consists of Recompile, The Medium, and The Riftbreaker with Microsoft Flight Simulator projected for 2022. But, that is not the oddest announcement though.

More interesting is the reveal for a partnered bundle with Gucci which rings up for $10,000. The clothing group shared it will be selling 100 themed Xbox Series X consoles with designed controllers and carrying case. Already, the limited quantity sold out. “Xbox by Gucci: THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT” the page reads for the listing.

“In the year of the House’s centennial, Gucci and video gaming brand Xbox—now reaching its 20th birthday—come together to celebrate their respective anniversaries with a limited-edition collaboration,” Gucci writes for the announcement of the new arrangement. “Xbox and Gucci’s first collaboration takes the House’s beginnings in the world of sports and leisure to the next level with 100 numbered Xbox Series X consoles—reimagined through archival details.

The page goes on to disclose details on each aspect of the package. “The signature Xbox Wireless Controller takes on a logo feel with blue and red stripes inspired by the House Web. An evolution of the original Gucci Rhombi design from the ’30s, the GG pattern becomes a wordplay—not only representing Guccio Gucci’s initials but also the gaming phrase ‘Good Game.’

“A calling card of the House, GG enters the world of Esports with ‘XBOX’ and ‘GOOD GAME’ prints. The design defines a hard carry case with blue and red stripes—recalling vintage luggage in a subtle reference to the House’s origins.” This is not the first instance of the new console embracing the life of leisure. Truly Exquisite previously offer 24-karot PlayStation 5s last year. You can read the full report by heading here.

Did you consider buying one of the Gucci Xbox Series X bundle?

Source: Gucci

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