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Guerilla Games Co-Founder Hermen Hulst Appointed As New Head Of SIE Worldwide Studios

The state of Sony Interactive Entertainment has been facing a slew of corporate departures seeing faces like Shawn Layden and Atsushi Morita leaving the international publisher this year. Unfortunately, more developing news regarding Sony’s subsidiary entertainment conglomerate as Shuhei Yoshida will be stepping down from his position as standing President for the Worldwide Studios division.

However, interesting enough a replacement has already been decided to take over for Yoshida’s position. That being Hermen Hulst: mainly known for his prior work as a co-founder for Guerilla Games, he will be taking helm of the 14 internal studios under Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the midst of Hulst’s new taking of power for PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan encourages the decision for his new appointing as Worldwide Studios President.

Hermen is one of the most effective and well-respected leaders in the video game industry. He is a passionate advocate for the teams he leads and understands how to empower creative talent to build great experiences. I have no doubt Hermen can lead our teams to deliver compelling and diverse experiences at a steady cadence.

On Yoshida’s new position, it is reported to be a new initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment which directs the publisher’s focus to independent developers at a smaller scale. This current generation, several developers feared that Sony has been emphasizing the platform’s support towards indie projects, but Jim Ryan says otherwise. Back in August, Ryan even stated to be in search of acquiring smaller developers to bring “new games to the industry.”

“Everybody knows just how passionate Shu is about independent games — they are lifeblood of the industry, making our content portfolio so special for our gamers,” Ryan explains behind the reasoning for Yoshida’s new role at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Revealing elsewhere in the discussion, Ryan also discloses that the virtual reality spectrum of gaming in primarily weighed by independent studios. Clarifying to be very involved with said smaller-scaled teams; being a financial ally for them, and truly reinvigorating how VR can be used as a platform.

Agreeing with Ryan’s statement, I go more into depth about how virtual reality redefined the genre, especially on PlayStation VR, which you can go read by heading here.

What are your thoughts on the two new appointees at Sony Interactive Entertainment?


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