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Half-Life: Alyx Is A VR Prequel Set Between The First Two Installments, Coming March 2020

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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For the past week, users across the internet have gone rampant when Valve spoke up that a new flagship title in the Half-Life series will be revealed that coming Thursday. While not exactly a true third installment that the industry has joked about for more than a decade now, we do know that the game will be a VR exclusive.

More importantly, the game will be unique to the company’s virtual reality Index headset. For more background, the project actually leaked about a year ago when the construction for the then-unnamed VR headset was first unearthed to the world. But any following leads for the title since last November or any other resurfacing detail when Index launched earlier this year did not happen, so we assumed it was for the best that the Half-Life project was just another rumor for the pile.

Today, Valve finally announced Half-Life: Alyx with a fresh trailer showing off what is to offer with this new VR experience. You can watch the trailer below:

Set between the events of the first 1998 title and the succeeding 2004 sequel, you play as the titular protagonist Alyx, the daughter of Dr. Eli Vance. While living in the growing rise of Combine control in City 17, the two worked in hiding to create tools of science towards the efforts for the resistance of the newly built Citadel in the set metropolis.

Unlike games for the virtual reality platform, Alyx is said to be a full-length game offering a new experience in the notorious Half-Life universe. Game Awards host Geoff Keighley revealed to be working in secrecy alongside Valve for the past few years recording the development of the VR game and has shared to have finished the game in about 15 hours. Keighley is also committed to his previous The Final Hours project for the upcoming title as he did with the two previous predecessors.

In the video documentary of the approaching project, Keighley spoke with the team on Alyx and some of the back story for the game. However, what really grew some attention was what Valve’s David Speyrer disclosed upon work following next year’s game. Stating that “We wanna put this out and see how the world reacts to it before we make any concrete plans about what we do next,” suggesting that the team would like to work more on the property more if the user base fancies Alyx.

Another discovery for the highly-anticipated virtual reality game is that current Valve Index owners will also be receiving Half-Life: Alyx for no additional charge: and the perks continue on as there will also be exclusive content only available to those who own the company’s headset.

Half-Life: Alyx is scheduled to release for Valve Index via Steam in March 2020.

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