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Halo Infinite players will receive Infinite Mark VI Armor Kit for achieving Hero Rank

Posted on October 14, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Season 5: Reckoning for Halo Infinite is dropping on October 17, 2023, which is going to feature two new arena maps, Firefight: King of The Hill, Forge AI Toolkit, and more. When Season 4 first launched 343 Industries came out with a Career Progression System that is still in beta right now and features six different tiers from Bronze to Onyx with Hero being the highest rank.

In July, the first Halo Infinite player to reach the Hero Rank was ‘CHL Shade’ who shared they only received a Nameplate. Many players in the community found that to be disappointing hoping that 343i would come out with a more rewarding unlock.

What’s The Reward For Reaching The Highest Rank In Halo Infinite?

With the reveal of Season 5, those who reach and who have reached the Hero Rank will now receive the Infinite Mark VI Armor Kit which is Master Chief’s armor from the Campaign. It’s hard to believe this armor kit wasn’t in the game already, but now if you want it you’ll have to earn it.

The Career Progression system in Halo Infinite is XP-based by playing multiplayer games and soon in Custom Games with Season 5: Reckoning.

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