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Halo Infinite players have already reached the highest rank in the game

Posted on July 23, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Halo Infinite’s Season 4 has been out for a month now and players have already hit the highest rank possible. The latest season came with a new ‘Career Progression System‘ that is currently in beta and it contains six different tiers from Bronze to Onyx with Hero being the highest rank. In order to rank up in Halo Infinite is to just play online matchmaking games. .

The first Halo Infinite player to reach Hero was ‘CHL Shade’ on July 20th and followed by iSpiteful.

What’s The Reward For Reaching The Highest Rank In Halo Infinite?

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Now you may wonder what reward do I get for reaching the highest rank in Halo Infinite? The reward for now is a Nameplate. You heard that right, after all the grinding you have to go through the end reward is just something you can show off in the menu. In Halo Reach which has a fairly similar social rank progression system you would get rewarded with the Haunted Helmet.

343 Industries might have rewards coming in the future when reaching the highest ranks of Halo Infinite. There is also the Battle Pass which you can pay $10 for to grind through the levels of that as well.

Halo Infinite Season 4 came with Infection, new maps and Forge items on June 20. Right now there is a classic Big Team Battle playlist in the game that throws players back to Halo 3.

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