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Hideo Kojima Shares “Very Easy” Difficulty Mode Aimed At Movie Fans Playing Death Stranding

Veteran developer Hideo Kojima since officially announcing Death Stranding to be a November 2019-scheduled release title, he has shared quite a lot of information on the surround questions for the vague third-person action game. One thing he has ambitiously shared about the approaching title is creating a new subgenre of action titles by framing the project as a “cinematic adventure.”

And it seems that Kojima is looking to expand on this new category by incorporating film fans eager to experience the game through crafting a difficulty mode made specifically for those who indulge in film primarily. On twitter, the studio head reveals that there will be a “very easy mode” that movie fans can play to take in the details of the upcoming game.

Kojima clarifies that the project does evidently include celebrities like the starring Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus and French actress Léa Seydoux, so it influences why the motive to include the undemanding difficulty mode. Upon the topic, Kojima clarifies that the traditional Normal & Hard modes will be aimed for the action adventure fans who already play video games on the regular.

Looking that the title only has a short two month timeframe until the game’s early November launch, there could be more that Kojima has planned to release for the game leading up to the final days prior to release.

How do you feel about the very easy mode that will be implemented for Death Stranding?

Death Stranding will be available on November 8. 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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