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Indie Developers Cast Criticism To PlayStation’s Handling For Promoting, Game Discounts And Policies

Upon understanding the culture at Sony Interactive Entertainment when handling its first-party developers, the thresholds that are asked to be met are fairly square when prompted. Already from former Bend Studio John Garvin, that window for Days Gone was propped in a similar fashion when the game was met with below average reception. But despite the underwhelming response by the critics, the user base remains hungry for a follow-up.

However, with the game not meeting the criteria leaves the series on indefinite hold according to Garvin: even from leads that pioneered the Siphon Filter series, there is no stepping out of line. Similarly, a story from Bloomberg appears to echo a familiar tune in terms of how the PlayStation company is tackling its pathway for the next-generation. In that, the firm is told to be less reliant on smaller developers, i.e. SIE Visual Arts Service Group.

Now, it appears the same response that Sony Interactive Entertainment holds towards internal teams also radiates to independent developers as well when promoting new titles from smaller studios. In a string of threads, Neon Doctrine co-founder Iain Garner kicked off the trend criticizing “Platform X” that “does not have Xbox Game Pass.”

“There is NOTHING you can do to fix this, he adds. “Wishlists have no effect, so all your personal marketing means nothing to Platform X. All that matters is their evaluation.”Garner continues to lambaste this unnamed platform on the steps to feature games with no transparency on how to approach an account manager to promote a project. He also injects “a VERY reasonable minimum of 25,000 USD to get featuring,” which does not paint in favor for the platform.

Additionally, Whitethorn Games’ CEO Matthew White mapped out a performance chart signifying platforms with “Proficient Sergeant”, “Plumber without a Wrench”, “Nolan North”, and “Gabe”. Illustrating the blue sector being the least profitable, White explains his frustration with the “Platform X” that shadows what Garner brought to attention.

“Average email responses are in months, not days or weeks.  We have no visibility or communication with what is happening at PX. It took us more than eight months to get kits for PXs hardware, despite having numerous confirmed IPs on the title,” White wrote in his thread. The most defining criticism that many small teams appear to align with most is from Mike Rose, founder of No More Robots.

“There’s a thread going round today that lots of people are sharing. The reason you don’t see more threads like it, is because devs are too worried to say it publicly. But trust me when I say that the vast majority of devs are reading that thread, and nodding their heads violently.”

Are you surprised by the recent response of independent developers towards Sony Interactive Entertainment?

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