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Job Listing for InXile Entertainment Reveals Unannounced VR Title

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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InXile Entertainment alongside the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment was a reveal that fans might have not predicted at the time seeing that the Fallout: New Vegas developer took the spotlight for the next addition to Microsoft’s lineup of first-party studios. Since then, the only title that is publically known to be in development is Wasteland 3 which was recently showcased at E3 last month.

Now, the first shed of information regarding the developer’s next installment has broke this week through a job listing for InXile Entertainment for an “unannounced VR project.”

For what this unannounced title is, the listing is referencing a game that was previously leaked sometime last year through a trademark from the developer. Titled Wasteland: Frost Point, the game is said to follow the battle royale concept as like Fortnie or PUBG, however, the game would instead would be completely unique to the VR perspective in first-person.

But despite the studio now being under Microsoft’s first party network, Xbox Game Studios, it was disclosed that the game will not be exclusive to the Xbox platform as shared by InXile Communications Director Micah Whippie.

Which also means that virtual reality isn’t on the brink of releasing on Xbox One anytime soon as some might assume from the current situation revolving around the job listing. Though there is Mixed Reality on PC through Microsoft, the game most likely will be coming to other virtual reality platforms like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Would you tryout a virtual reality battle royale developed by InXile Entertainment?

Wasteland: Frost Point currently has yet to receive a proper announcement by the developer.


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