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Latest Rumor For Bully 2 States Protagonist Jimmy Hopkins Will Return As A College Freshmen

According to a new rumor which spawned from Reddit, original protagonist Jimmy Hopkins from 2006’s Bully will be returning for the main role in the alleged sequel, but this time the character would come back as a college freshmen at a new school set at a university.

Reddit user JackOLantern1982 claims to have “two friends who are very reliable and have worked for places such as Kotaku and PC Gamer,” though the statement doesn’t hold any concrete backing to support the rumor to stand higher than others. Even sharing to having a “very dear friend who works for Rockstar,” the referenced employee left anonymous could not even verify if this is true or not.

Reading in the comments of the post, some users would protest that the chances of Jimmy’s return as a protagonist is not likely as the original voice actor, Gerry Rosenthal, was not contacted by the developer to take on the role for the rumored sequel. However though, if previous speculation that surfaced last year is true from the casting call that took place in the UK, the actor to portray Jimmy would most likely have been a recast for a younger individual as the casting call is for a motion capture studio.

Furthermore, seeing that there is some evidence that Rockstar Games does have a select set of games that are currently in development, one of them could possibly be the Bully sequel that fans have been waiting for. But, just as like any rumor, it’s best not to take any as fact until officially revealed from the developer.

Do you think the current span of rumors could possibly be real for Bully 2?

Source: Reddit

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