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Leaked Demo For Final Fantasy VII Remake Discloses VR Mode

For the past few weeks now, it surprised patient fans who are currently waiting for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII as the demo for the game emerged into the public’s grasp for a few individuals in other regions to get their hands on the unreleased playtest. While Square Enix has yet to properly address the contents of this demo respectively, we do know that there is a slew of information seeping from the top of the download client.

For starters, the demo is said to include majority of the first part for the remake including story-related details that were added with the retouched storyline, which ultimately ruins the campaign for those interested in picking up the game. Whilst that is a lesser desired fact to face, one that many are interested to learn more about is the supposed PC version that also emerged from the demo.

Dataminers dug through the game’s code to unearth a PC port for the upcoming PlayStation 4 title with mentions of technical adjustments, naming NVIDA alongside AMD in what was provided from the person who reported the finding. Now more on that spectrum have seemed to also revealed itself to those still dissecting the demo for the game.

According to Twitter user @SuperJamaalrio earlier this week posted an image of the soundtrack for the game which was provided in the demo. However, the song list when read thoroughly reveals to disclose an alleged ‘VR Menu’ as well, which you can view in the images provided below:

Although we do not have certainty that this validates there being support for virtual reality headsets in Final Fantasy VII Remake, this does however suggest something could be in active development for the complete project. Atop of the game only being available on PlayStation 4 when it arrives later in 2020, this does help align the previous leak for a PC port even more if this later happens to be true.

Just this past week, Square Enix alongside Producer for the remake Yoshinori Kitase have announced that the upcoming rework for the 1997 title will be receiving an extended push to April to finalize on the game’s development for a polished release. You can head here for full coverage on the news.

How do you think virtual reality should be implemented for the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release on April 10, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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