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Microsoft To Host Xbox Tokyo Game Show Stream On September 30th

While the Xbox Series consoles were delivered nearly a year ago, Microsoft in post-launch continues to campaign for its platform as new additions for the system are underway alongside the extended support that further pours in for Xbox Game Pass as well. Previously, the firm did so by holding an Gamescom 2021 Livestream at the time to feature more of its plans and add-ons to its ecosystem.

And of course, more of that is to be projected leading forward. The next large event underway for this year lands at the end of September with the 2021 Tokyo Game Show. Earlier on, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association unveiled its plans for the coming event as it will continue to be held online for a second consecutive year.

As a participating company for the approaching show, Microsoft announces it will be featuring a livestream on September 30 at the start of Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Tokyo Game Show remains one of the world’s biggest celebrations of video games and culture, bringing together fans from around the world to enjoy the latest and greatest in gaming. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Asia’s biggest gaming event, with the show again taking a virtual format.

The 2021 theme of Tokyo Game Show aims to emphasise the power of gaming to close the distance between people and carries with it the inspiring event tagline of ‘We’ll always have games.’ Following a return to the Tokyo Game Show stage last year, we are pleased to confirm Xbox will be back with a virtual stream curated for players in Japan and across Asia.

Jeremy Hinton, Head of Xbox Asia

“As games close the distance between people, we invite our players to celebrate the joy and community of gaming with us. Similar to last year, this will be a show curated for our players in Japan and across Asia,” the post continues reading. “Expect a celebration with our Asia community and locally relevant updates, though no new global debuts should be expected. Tune in to see the latest regionally relevant updates on previously announced games coming later this year.”

Although Microsoft is a very prominent force over in North America and parts of Europe for certain, the firm still has yet to tap into the market over in Japan specifically. While it is viewed to be a lost cause nearly two decades since the platform’s inception, the firm is still adamant to make a larger presence on the region. Xbox lead Phil Spencer believes that window is through Tango Gameworks. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to catch the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 Livestream later on?

The Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 Livestream is to take place on September 30, 2021 at 6 PM JST / 5 AM EST / 2 AM PST.

Source: Xbox Wire

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