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Microsoft v. FTC Documents Share Effort Removing Games From NVIDIA GeForce Now To Boost xCloud

Posted on September 19, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Although Microsoft has expanded its platform into a greater-connected ecosystem for Xbox over the past decade, the firm touts its effort to stay focused on console remains at its center. Or, so we thought. In a previous report, it was revealed that efforts for xCloud nearing the launch of the Xbox Series X|S overshadowed the new system as resources were focused on cloud infrastructure to establish better standing for Microsoft in the market.

As for the current state of mind for Xbox on mobile gaming, Microsoft shares its effort is essential for success moving forward. Speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer tells it is necessary for material progress on behalf of Xbox. Previously, Spencer also elaborated much of the ambition behind the Activision Blizzard deal is to get its grip on the mobile gaming empire already established at the conglomerate.

Now in a new spree of documents from the continued releasing Microsoft v. FTC trial thread, it reveals the Xbox firm has purposefully removed its titles from NVIDIA GeForce Now to boost xCloud. Of course, this was prior to the Activision deal with its new partnership to launch PC Game Pass titles on GeForce Now once more.

Additionally, more documents from the case furthers this finding with official slides from an NVIDIA powerpoint revealing Microsoft has pulled its games from GeForce Now. “Microsoft’s previous approach when it acquired Bethesda and required those games to be removed from GeForce NOW,” the slide reads.
Even more, this is an effort practiced by other publishers as well including Ubisoft & Electronic Arts, NVIDIA presses in another slide. “Other publishers initially removed games from GeForce Now after the beta phase – and allowed their games to return thereafter. As independent publishers, EA and Ubisoft have recognized the benefits to them of GeForce NOW and make games available on the service.”

Probably the most eye-opening is the stretch Microsoft went to further this pursuit in platforming its own service. Alongside removing its titles from NVIDIA GeForce Now, the Xbox firm also viewed Fallout 76 on PlayStation Now then to be problematic and went ahead to block games like Minecraft from being part of the service on PlayStation too.

“It actually bothers me that F76 is in PSNow without getting much for it,” Microsoft president Tim Stuart wrote in an email. Spencer responds: “’m fine with the F76 in PSNow. We have not allowed Minecraft to support PSNow as we do see PSNow as competition to XGP and don’t need to support their financial position with PSNow which would just allow them to compete more effectively with XGP.”

What is your view on the pursuits carried by Microsoft in this new report?

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