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Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote Elects Sniffer Alongside Featuring Interactive Bookshelves, Bamboo Crafting, And New Camel Mob

Posted on October 20, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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In the pattern of things Minecraft, developer Mojang Studios does not hesitate when it comes to bringing more to the game. Now more than a decade since the initial release of the game, Minecraft is even more expansive than ever. It was this past June that The Wild Update arrived to the game introducing on overhaul to the swamp biome and introducing new trees and frogs to the featured territory.

As for October, Minecraft Live took place this week and featured all new things coming to the main game. Most exciting is the Mob Vote for 2022. Last year, the Allay won the community driven campaign. For this year, the polls offer choices for the sniffer, the tuff golem, and the rascal. But only one can be the winner.

During the livestream, Mojang Studios revealed that the sniffer is the officially winner in the 2022 Mob Vote. You can watch the reveal video below:

Additionally, new content is coming to the main game outside of the Mob Vote. For one, Update 1.20 is rolling out soon and the developer showcased some new additions. The desert biome is to welcome camels. These new creatures can be tamed with cactus native to the region. Moreover, bamboo is officially receiving a wood type which includes crafting a boat out of the new material.

Other niché additions include hanging signs. Now players can billboard without a wall holding the message. The most eye-opening happens to be the chiseled bookshelves: you can store books in these new items and even can be used for secret entrances. Yes, the new item will be reactive to redstone and adds another layer to puzzles than ever before.

An extra mention is the group of default skins that will be added to Minecraft. “Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri will be joining Alex and Steve in the Minecraft Launcher.” as for other reworks for Minecraft in recent time, Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) is reported to direct the Minecraft movie with Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) attached. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for the new additions from Minecraft Live 2022?

Source: Mojang Studios

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