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New Document Points To Co-Op Between Xbox & Sega For Themed Series X & Specialized Covers

Posted on September 21, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft’s focus remains primarily in the west went it comes to talent to pool in attention for its platform, that is not to say the firm has been searching for candidates to cater to other popular regions. It is notoriously recognized that Xbox is tonally inept to catering to Japanese content. However, the firm has kept its eye on the region for some time.

Previously, it was reported that the firm was even considering an acquisition of Sega during the development of the Microsoft v. FTC trial. But, the pair has banded together in a surprising turn of events with franchises such as Like a Dragon & Persona being at the forefront for Xbox Game Pass. Prior to the Xbox Series X|S release, it was even suggested a region exclusive Xbox Series X was in the works in collaboration with Sega.

As per the recent string of leaked documents and emails that surfaced this week, X user @NikoRomanBuds discovered that much of the claims for an arrangement between Xbox & Sega were true. The email from Phil Spencer revealed a special edition Xbox Series X and also themed covers for the consoles too.

To say this action was being pursued by Microsoft is certainly one that would surprise many if it did properly manifest. And while the limited edition console never saw the light of day, it is not too late to say the same for Sega IP covers. Recently, Microsoft rolled out console wraps for Xbox Series X decorated with Starfield, Arctic Camo, and Mineral Camo themes.

Watching the trajectory of business between Microsoft & Sega, it is a good chance we could see some form of arrangement materialize down the line for new releases. Looking ahead, there is speculation on a remake for Sonic Heroes is in the pipeline. Not to mention material nods to remakes for both Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi too. You can read the full report by heading here.

What is your opinion on the ties between Xbox & Sega?

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