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New Evidence Uncovered For PlayStation 5 Revision From Filed Documents In Peru

Now more than half a year since the release of the Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5, there is a clear understanding as to which platform is currently leading in sales. And as per a report from Ampere Analysis the Sony machine is leading Microsoft’s console by 2:1 currently. Atop of the instant success of the system so far, Sony Interactive Entertainment is already planning for the next iteration.

Previously, it was reported that the PlayStation 5 will find changes with its hardware starting next year. However, it is not certain how the firm will differentiate the integrity of the system’s components. It is not certain if the firm will make a ‘Pro’ version of the November-released console or simply update the SKU; taking pointers from Nintendo that the company acted upon in 2019.

In a new finding from Twitter user @ _akatama_, Sony filed an application for a wireless communication module for the PlayStation 5 back in April and was officially submitted on May 23.

Currently, it is undetermined if the new component for the PlayStation 5 will be the only change to the composition of the base system. Furthermore, it is also unclear how the module M20DAL1 will change the hardware when installed. Likely with more pieces added to this puzzle will bring a grander idea to the changes that will come later on.

Sony is not the only one that plans to reiterate its hardware, of course. Back in summer 2020, Phil Spencer went on to confirm that Microsoft is looking to readjust its systems in post-launch. “I think, like you’ve seen in past generations, that we will iterate on hardware. We’ve already started, right?” You can read the full report by heading here.

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