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Nintendo Is Updating The Switch’s CPU And Storage

Though the coming future for the Switch Plus to make an appearance doesn’t look too bright, however, that might not be the same for the base model according to a recent report. In a new filing from the FCC, it seems that Nintendo is planning to bring a new coat of paint for both the handheld hybrid’s processor as well as the storage chips in the current model.

In the newly submitted file through the Federal Communications Commission details that Nintendo has enlisted a “Class II Permission Change,” which in layman’s terms suggests that the company can readjust what is comprised of the hardware without the initiative to recertify the product for sale within the United States.

The changes listed in the file details the SoC type and NAND memory type to be altered: the SoC is defined as the system-on-chip processor for the hardware and the more explanatory NAND memory is the flash chips for the Switch. But for the two to be changed with better components would lead to a major change that current users would notice with the newer additions.

Seeing that the standard model instead of a new and beefier SKU being announced is one thing that really makes the entire topic even more interesting. While competing platforms have done that with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, Nintendo is keeping to the base Switch to give a bigger ‘oomph’ to what Switch owners are currently familiar with.

As for how this potential change will take effect, there is no official word from Nintendo that explains how this will apply to newer and current models that have already been purchased.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s plans to swap out for new CPU and storage for the Switch?

Source: The Verge


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