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New Microsoft Patent Could Make Physical Games Eligible For Digital Use

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Rewinding back to the summer of 2013, you surely remember what gave Sony the advantage ahead of releasing the PlayStation 4, right? Although Microsoft left a lasting impression for more than a decade since the inception of Xbox, running hot off of the Xbox 360 swayed the firm to innovate for the coming years and focused on entertainment and user-based DRM. This resulted in major conflict with its consumer base and Microsoft retracting some of its decisions.

However, the current Xbox platform is still equipped with some of these DRM-based features which its competitors show no sign of. For example, playing virtually anything on console requires some form of an internet connection. YouTubers ModernVintageGamer & SomeOrdinaryGamers both criticized the decision to implement this for a negative long-term effect.

To further evolve from these decisions, a new story from GameRant recently discloses a new patent filed by Microsoft to enable support for physical games to be used as a digital suite. In that, it would negate the hesitation from Xbox Series S owners of buying physical games as it would then offer a digital version of the game.

Credit: Microsoft via GameRant

GameRant worded it as “a system that allows an external disc drive to authenticate an Xbox game and allow the player access to the digital version of that game through the Xbox Series S Games Store.” According to Brad Sams on Twitter, he claimed to already report on the matter from a story in 2018 which aligns with the patent. It appears only recently did Microsoft properly follow through with patenting the project.

Although this could be months or even over a year until Microsoft properly implements this new feature to Xbox, it is a good direction the firm is heading in. For one, the firm is capitalizing greatly on the Xbox Series S with continue constraints on producing more Xbox Series Xs. Recently, it was reported that the disc-less console is outselling its sibling system in “several key markets.” You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hopeful Microsoft properly pulls through with the patent?

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