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New Sony-filed PlayStation VR Patent Reveals Second Iteration With Haptic Feedback For PlayStation 5

Posted on November 27, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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As many are well aware from the recent release of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5, the next-generation system pushes the limit of console gaming minimizing load time for the latest titles available alongside the onslaught of games released on it predecessor, the PlayStation 4. However, there is even more the system can achieve.

For starters, the device does still manage to support PlayStation VR alongside the titles compatible with the PlayStation 4 accessory. But, there are some draw backs from that. One is that the support is only compatible with the previous Dualshock 4, not the latest DualSense controller. Even more, games with virtual reality support on the newest system is not available when using the headset.

So for VR to be implemented, it requires a newly developed headset intended for the PlayStation 5. In a new patent uncovered by LetsGoDigital, the outlet reads off some of the finer details that makes the document issues on the newest headset. Most notably as illustrated from the images provided, the device would target comfort over the bulky version available now.

In both images, the headband (header) and the glasses (above), both are to relieve stress of the headset being heavy on the user’s ears and head. To complement the architecture of the PlayStation 5, the patent also tells that haptic feedback is to also be included with the virtual reality headset. Another similarity between the new headset and the current is LED lights to be present across the device.

Also, with slim and comfortable being a staple for the patent, it is also gathered the headset might not require a wire to be bound to the system. While the original PlayStation VR headset is continuously plugged into the console, this does not look to be the same for the next iteration based on the appearance of the two versions.

In total, it is exciting to learn that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working to bring a second model to the newest console. But alike with the controller patent that was later the DualSense controller, things are expected to change and that will be illustrated as the patent materializes later in time.

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Source: Let’sGoDigital

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