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Surfacing Patent For PlayStation 5 Controller Only Shows Small Changes Compared To The Dualshock 4

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Although 2019 is still in motion, it looks more information for next year’s PlayStation 5 console has been revealed, this time through a submitted patent for the next generation system’s exclusive controller. According to the images submitted for the patent back in March on Japan Platform for Patent Information, it is revealed that the next PlayStation’s gamepad looks to be virtually identical to the current Dualshock 4.

However, the two aren’t exactly the same when we actually look under the hood. The changes though they might be unnoticeable are still there regardless. Firstly, Sony Interactive Entertainment has adjusted the triggers for the inevitable Dualshock 5 by increasing their size slightly for better grip around the back of the controller. Another miniscule change is also size related, this one being the smaller stature of the analog sticks on the controller.

One improvement depicted from the images reveals that the newest iteration of the Dualshock will be switching to USB-C for charging the controller over the current micro USB that PlayStation 4 owners presently use. However, the new design also suggests that this new gampad has abandoned the light bar which practically branded the current console this generation.

You can view the patent images for the new controller below:

This is no surprise from Sony Interactive Entertainment as the company is known for filing patents ahead of the unit’s release as we have seen with the prototype for the upcoming PlayStation 5. The same can also be said as Sony has also trademarked the next five generation of PlayStation recently as well. However, we still have more than a year until we will see the system hit the market to debut the next line of console hardware.

Although the new Dualshock does share a very similar likeness to the current Dualshock 4, this could potentially open support for the new console next year. Just previously, Microsoft announced that Project Scarlett will provide support for Xbox One controllers, so what doesn’t say the same for PlayStation 5 seeing how much both ongoing and upcoming controllers look very alike?

What are your thoughts on these small changes for the next PlayStation 5 controller?


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