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Nintendo Applies For New Game Boy and GameCube Trademarks

The trend of mini versions of consoles continues as it seems like Nintendo might be bringing the GameCube to that list along with their notorious handheld the Game Boy possibly.
With the miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System announced back in 2016 and still in high demand as retailers recently restocked on the continuous sold out console, the nostalgic value of these first age platforms push numbers at a skyrocketing rate. Following with Nintendo announcing the SNES mini shortly after the NES mini shows that the company knew people were willing to rebuy the console for todays standard.
Bundled with a line of classic games available for that platform at the time it originally released, functioning save point feature, and with an HDMI port for modern televisions are what made these easy to sell. And this concept even washed over to other companies as well.

With Sega announcing the Sega Mega Drive Mini previously in March, and just like when Nintendo reissued their classic consoles, fans were excited to return to another childhood favorite console. The trend even falling over towards Sony with the possibility of seeing an Playstation mini sometime in the near future.
According to outlet Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo has a list a trademarks the company applied for. Listing already announced games, but more importantly for the GameCube and the Game Boy. The outlet also states that the trademarks for the two systems could apply to the upcoming Online Service for the Switch, part of the mini series, or something completely new.

But what’s most interesting is that there’s still no word on if there will be an Nintendo 64 mini or if it will be skipped entirely and go straight to GameCube.
As this news is still warm, give time for this to develop as there’s not much information to go off as nothing has been officially announced, as of yet.
Source: Japanese Nintendo

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