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No Plans For Nintendo Switch Plus To Release Alongside Switch Lite This Holiday

Just today, Nintendo revealed that the less clunky and more portable Nintendo Switch Lite will be dropping later this September with a price tag of $200. Originally rumored as the Switch mini, the unannounced handheld was also paired with another rumor which detailed that a beefier Switch model was also in the works which is said to outperform the SKU that we are currently familiar with.

Though one of the two is expected to launch later in 2019, the remaining rumor will be left in the dark as Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be the only model to launch this coming Holiday.

[Switch Lite will] also be the only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday, as Bowser says the larger Switch won’t get an upgrade right now.

Among other rumors that circulated around the now-upcoming smaller iteration of the Nintendo Switch, just last month third party retailer Honson already had cases for the Switch Lite available for purchase prior to the model’s official release. Crazy enough, the listings are still up and seem to be ready for the new hardware’s debut this September.

Are you planning on getting the Switch Lite or waiting it out for the more power-heavy model to release?

Source: CNET

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