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Nintendo Switch Online Adds Congo’s Caper, Rival Turf!, and Pinball

Posted on May 27, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Prior to May, Nintendo Switch Online specifically welcomed some exciting additions to the service. In late April, the service featured Sega Genesis classics Shining Force II, Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, and Space Harrier II. Additionally, the service also introduced Splatoon 2 DLC Octo Expansion as part of the Expansion Pack tier for no additional cost – just like the Sega Genesis virtual library.

In May now, users on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack continued to receive more benefits for the higher priced subscription option. Recently, the Nintendo 64 virtual library added Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards to its lineup. Now, the NES & SNES virtual libraries this week are also receiving some attention as well.

From a new reveal, the service is adding three new titles to the mix. On the Nintendo Entertainment System, Pinball has been added. But for the latter Super Nintendo Entertainment System Congo Caper & Rival Turfs were included for that respected library. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

Moreover, the Japanese version of Nintendo Switch Online did feature a separate selection of games. While the NES Pinball & SNES Rival Turfs – or Rushing Beat as titled in the region – is included, Congo’s Caper is missing. Instead, the game has been substituted with SNES Japanese title Umihara Kawase which the separate trailer reveals.

Those unfamiliar, Nintendo Switch Online appears to be eyeing the Nintendo Game Boy for its next addition of virtual libraries later. With the accompanying of the Nintendo Game Boy Advanced as well, it is reported that the technology used features fragments of emulators that Nintendo has went into legal war with in the past. You can read the full report by heading here.

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