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No Man’s Sky Getting Online Through Upcoming Beyond Update

Hello Games’ questionable launch for No Man’s Sky has set the title back quite a bit to reach what the studio initially promised fans anticipating the space exploring title. In the process of reworking the game following the title’s initial release in 2016, the PlayStation 4/PC title was announced for Xbox One. Amid the game’s July release on Microsoft’s console, it also featured an update which brought a lot of life to the game on all platforms as well.

And following, Hello Games has been consistent with continuing to bring free title updates to introduce new worlds, gameplay mechanics, and reasons for players to continue playing the game.

Now the latest update that will be debuting on the redefined title will offer the game’s online. Stamped with the name ‘Beyond’, the new client will bring life to the game will online lobbies for players to experience the endless worlds and galaxies to explore with your friends.

Here’s a statement from studio head Sean Murray on what Beyond will be when it is ready to drop:

No Man’s Sky Online includes a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together. Whilst this brings people together like never before, and has many recognizable online elements, we don’t consider No Man’s Sky to be an MMO – it won’t require a subscription, won’t contain microtransactions, and will be free for all existing players.

It was also detailed from the blog post that Beyond will be comprised of three parts: one piece being the online, following with two other components to play a structural role for the forthcoming update. Currently, there is no detail on what else will be provided from Beyond besides the online portion.

If you haven’t gave No Man’s Sky a go yet, read up on our review on the game here.

No Man’s Sky is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Hello Games

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