One More Level Frames 2021 Content Roadmap For Ghostrunner, Next-Gen Versions Propped For Fall Release

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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When viewing Ghostrunner from a distance, the game happens to be a cool release for fans looking to get that extra cyberpunk fix since mid October last year. But more closer to the surface is where it gets interesting: one being the recent acquisition of the IP by 505 Games. The publisher after working alongside partnered publisher All In! Games resulted in purchasing the rights to the title for €5m roughly.

As for the plans that the developer has underway for Ghostrunner, game studio One More Level can check one thing off its list. That is the game’s arrival to Amazon’s cloud streaming platform  Luna as it released on Thursday. Additionally, One More Level promises Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 versions of Ghostrunner to arrive sometime in 2021 as well.

But there is more that the developer has underway thanks to a new press release from 505 Games. In that, Ghostrunner is prepared to inject a bevy of new add-ons and other DLC for the game throughout the course of 2021. You can view the full roadmap in the image below:

Today, One More Level kicks off ‘Hardcore Mode’ for Ghostrunner. Looking ahead to this spring welcomes a limited-time mode ‘Kill Run Mode’, Photo Mode, and a new undisclosed “Vanity Pack” planned for Ghostrunner. In summer, One More Level is working to release two more bundles, a new game mode, and another vanity pack for the title.

Entering fall is when the promised next-generation versions of Ghostrunner is said to arrive. Not only that, but a planned “Ultimate DLC” and a concluding vanity pack for Ghostrunner is in the works for the latter segment of 2021. The add-on is suspected to be a story expansion planned for Ghostrunner with details expected to be included later on.

For those that are unfamiliar with Ghostrunner, we at Rectify Gaming highly suggest our feature with the game. During our coverage at PAX East 2020, we spoke with One More Level studio co-founder Radoslaw Ratusznik and pressed on what brought Ghostrunner to reality. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested for the coming add-ons for Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Luna; comes to Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 sometime in Fall 2021.

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